The Coach For Your Health Communication

I help women, just like you,
talk with a doctor
so that you feel heard

Because Clear Communication In Health Care Can Be Just As Life-Saving As Your Doctor Can Be

Have you ever felt frustrated and unheard when trying to communicate with your doctor?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone.

My answer is yes too.

And the question most women ask me is, “How do I get my doctor to listen?”

Because. They. Want. Solutions.

Have you ever felt like your doctor wasn’t listening too?

If so, please join me here because how you feel is real and my passion is to help you prevent future communication frustrations.

Having you to feel heard is why this space exists.

When my own Mother was ill I would have given anything to communicate the way I do now. Even with good doctors, getting through my Mother’s care was agonizing, at times it felt directionless, as we struggled going over what was said, what was missed, chasing information and making too many follow-up telephone calls after each doctor visit.

As a daughter, my heart wanted to know when my Mother could rest.
As a registered nurse, my heart wanted to know how to stop others from feeling like this.

In the years since then, I rededicated my career to finding answers.

So, if you want to stop the frustration and feel heard – and imagine instead what it would be like to have your next conversation – no matter your diagnosis – guided by simple keys to talk about you, tell your story, and capture your doctor’s attention.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do –

Get ready because you’re about to change the way it’s always been done!

How do I get my doctor to listen to me?

Why focus on women? Because what you do is so extraordinary!

You step in! As a woman, you may have one or many who depend on you for all kinds of support and in order to be there for them,

Your. Health. Is. Everything.

While it may not be surprising that women use the health care system at a higher percentage than men do, women are also most likely to be at the side of a friend or an aging parent at their doctor visits.

Women step in every day to advocate and to be informal caregivers for friends and loved ones without ever being guided through any part of the health care system – being there is an act of love – and courage!

If you find you’re feeling frustrated and unheard I invite you to join me so you can create a conversation with your doctor – like you life depends on it, because it just might, and sets you on your health journey – Empowered!

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My mission-based business is built on a framework of compassion, patient safety, and health equity because everyone deserves the chance to live their healthiest life and teaching women can help to achieve that dream. The intention is to provide an accessible learning experience that is respectful and helps you take action on your own health and wellness. Here, women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, orientations, sizes and abilities, and additional aspects of our identities, are welcome. Bilingual resources will be developed to include as many languages as needed. Please explore this site; I hope you will find information and inspiration relevant to your journey, and I welcome your feedback as we build together.


The content on this website, the community, or any information displayed in videos are for educational purposes only. This site is not intended for any kind of medical care. If you require urgent or emergent care, please call 911 or the emergency number in your area for further instructions. The focus on this content is on self-advocacy and to help to create mutually positive experiences for you and your doctor. No medical advice, medical diagnosis, clinical decision-making, referrals regarding any condition, known or unknown, is provided in this space. As always, please consult with your doctor first before making any changes to your appointment schedule or any medical treatment.


To positively impact women’s health, through education and advocacy, so that they move through their health care experience in collaboration with care providers and as a partner in their own care, and to ultimately be able to guide others giving the chance for everyone to live their healthiest life.


To have women feel heard by their doctor.