Have you ever struggled to communicate with your doctor? If your answer is yes, you are not alone.

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I’ll never forget my telephone call with a friend.

I spoke for nearly 20 minutes about my recent doctor’s visit, and then my friend said,

“I never knew I could tell my doctor no.”

Her response shocked and saddened me.

I had not used the word no. I had only revealed the options my doctor gave me.

But her honest comment made me wonder how many other women do not have options clearly presented to them and leave one of their most significant conversations with…

…missed information

And, worst of all, missed options that give you choices.

My friend’s story may seem extreme, but as a registered nurse for nearly 20 years, I shared or witnessed 1,000s of patient-health care provider conversations to know where the communication gaps exist.

With a passion for improving patient communication, I later became a nurse navigator. A role focused on patient advocacy and where the quality of communication was a noticeable source of frustration, complaint, error – or empowerment and positivity for patients.

I loved that role but wanted to help more women develop the most valuable skill they need – communication – to impact their health,

And, because the visual of my friend still comes to mind, seated with her head nodding as she talks to the doctor, not in agreement but in the belief she has no choice.

Let’s change that picture together here.

This community is a whole-person approach to help nurture and support you through one of our most universal experiences – talking with doctors – without sharing your medical or health info.

See you at the table,



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To positively impact women’s health, through education and advocacy, so that they move through their health care experience in collaboration with care providers and as a partner in their own care, and to ultimately be able to guide others giving the chance for everyone to live their healthiest life.


To have women feel heard by their doctor.
Women sitting at the table

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